Османский город Сафранболу


Safranbolu is a beautiful city in Turkey.

Safranbolu is known for its Ottoman buildings including frame hotels, houses, mosques, Turkish baths, fountains, and shrines. This town is a good place to unwind and enjoy the views.


Pamukkale is a geothermal resort with a natural pool. The water temperature is 36ºC degrees. People often come here suffering from diseases such as atherosclerosis, rickets, and who want to rejuvenate the body. Also, there are ruins of Hierapolis in Pamukkale.

Nemrut-Dag Mountain

Explorers took about 70 years to excavate and clear this area for tourists.

Now everyone can easily visit the ruins of the tomb of Antiochus the First, admire the sculptures of the Gods, bas-reliefs depicting animals and other architectural artifacts.

The Fortress of Alanya

Part of the peninsula in Alanya is occupied by fortifications, the construction of which dates to the XIII century. The rocky surface of the land is surrounded by the Mediterranean waters. Thanks to that people walking along the coastline can enjoy the views of the Seljuk Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay Kubad Castle and a massive fortress wall more than 6 km long. The fortress is an open-air museum, where many of the buildings are preserved.


If you want to be steeped into history, you should come to Cappadocia. You can see the cave houses that once served as a refuge for Christians. The mesmerized view of Churches in the rocks, underground cities, and other sites of human culture will last in your memory for a long time. And you can even see the magnificent pink flamingos.

Bosphorus Strait

The 30-kilometer strait is the world’s transportation artery, which connects Europe and Asia. Every year it receives more than 50 thousand ships, both military and merchant. It is also the site of a huge number of boat trips.

Manavgat Waterfall

If you want to admire the waters of Turkey, then Manavgat waterfall is the right place for you. It is 2m high and 40m wide. This waterfall is a very picturesque place. There are viewing platforms around it. And you can easily take a spectacular photo.

Duden Falls

An Antalya landmark, called the Lower Düden. It is a river that falls from a height of 40 meters straight into the sea. In the evening the waterfall is illuminated, you can take a boat trip around these wonderful places.

Dalyan – turtle island

A small town in Anatolia with no huge hotels. Tourists here just enjoy the tranquility and local life. Dalyan is also popular because of its sandy beach, the Iztuzu beach, and the Turtle Island.

Iztuzu is a coast which is visited every year by Caretta sea turtles to lay their eggs. Turtles that could not make it to the water are sent to a special hospital and live there until they are ready for independent life.

Cleopatra Pool

Not far from the city of Denizli there is a natural pool of enormous size. According to the legend, the Egyptian queen loved to swim here in the 1st century BC.

People come to Cleopatra’s pool for both health and recreational purposes.

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