About us

“Sayohat Tavel” was established in 2016. Our Travel Agency helps clients choose the most suitable vacation spot within Tajikistan and abroad. We find any type of holiday and for any budget. In our work, we successfully combine technologies, deep knowledge of the direction and an individual approach to each client, which is the key to successful and comfortable cooperation. We are focused on providing the best possible service. Our team has vast experience in the field of tourism and hospitality, we listen carefully to each client and only then select the resort that suits them best. We regularly improve our knowledge of the hotel base and the direction in general.
We thank you for your trust in organizing your valuable holiday with us.

About us

Gulguna - Founder & CEO

Travelling is my passion. The very first time when I purchased that one way ticket and stepped on a different land I understood that I will never be home again because the world is my home….! Ever since I got to new places and fall in love with it again. Now I have a good collection of incredible destinations in my pocket I am excited to share them with you. Every time new destination will be added to my collection. Remember to keep an eye out for my blogs and Insta.

Never stop exploring and forever yours Sayohat Travel*