The Colossi of Memnon

The stone figures of the seated Pharaoh Amenhotep III are located near the museum city of Luxor, on the opposite bank of the Nile. During balloon festivals, flying balloons float above the statues – this place becomes especially popular

Egyptian Museum in Cairo

This great museum holds a wealth of ancient Egyptian secrets. And it consists of 103 halls, three floors and 160,000 artefacts covering 5,000 years of Egyptian history. There you can find exhibits such as: portraits of Fayum, mummies of pharaohs and the treasures of Tutankhamun.

White Desert

In the eastern Sahara, the Es Sahra el Beida National Park is known for its Crystal Mountain of calcite and limestone formations sticking up out of the sand. These magnificent landscapes are sure to be appreciated by your subscribers as well.

St. Catherine Monastery

The most famous landmark Sharm El Sheikh is the Monastery of St. Catherine. This monastery is located near Mount Sinai. In the monastery there are ancient manuscripts, museums with Christian icons, manuscripts and mosaics. One can stay overnight at the monastery and climb the mountain by climbing 4000 steps.

Abu Dabab Bay

Not far from the resort of Marsa Alam is a bay where sea cows dugongs, sea turtles and a variety of fish live. The bay has a white sandy beach. Here you can relax and do some diving or snorkeling.

Coloured Canyon

This natural landmark There are multi-coloured rocks and canyons with stones in shades of purple, red, yellow and pink. The cliffs are mesmerising in the midst of the sands and offer a chance to stumble upon an oasis in the midst of the sands.

Ras Mohammed Reserve

The greatest treasure of Ras Mohammed Reserve is the coral reefs and its inhabitants. You can dive the reefs and meet a wide variety of fish and sea creatures.

Alexandrine Library

The new library has been built in place of the destroyed Library of Alexandria. The complex includes several museums dedicated to Egypt’s historical and cultural heritage and a cinema. And, of course, a huge reading room accommodating over 2,000 people.

The Pyramids of Giza

The top Egyptian attraction is the pyramids. No one can imagine Egypt without the pyramids as they are the biggest historical mysteries. Near Cairo on the Giza plateau is the Pyramid of Cheops. It is surrounded by smaller pyramids, and nearby is the famous Great Sphinx. The Cheops Pyramid is almost 150m high, whilst the Sphinx is some 70m long.

Dream Beach

Hurghada’s most famous beach is Dream Beach. There is always lively music and beautiful palm trees overlooking the vast sea. The descent to the water is smooth. There is both sand and soft grass where you can play beach volleyball. Even the beach itself translates as “beach of dreams”. If you like to relax and take stunning photos, this beach is for you.

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