Top places and excursions in Jordan:

PERTRA – We should start with Petra. For those who did not know the movie “Indiana Jones” and “The Last Crusade” the reality was filmed here. Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 3rd century BC by the Nabataeans. There is more to see here than the Treasury, the soft sandstone made it ideal for building carvings. There are also temples, theaters and a monastery to admire. Friends who have visited Petra recommend spending at least two days here to see as much as possible.

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AMMAN, the capital of Jordan, is an enchanting city of contrasts, a unique blend of old and new, ideally located in the rolling hills between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley. In the commercial heart of the city, ultra-modern buildings, hotels, trendy restaurants, art galleries and boutiques coexist with traditional coffee shops and tiny craft shops. Everywhere there is evidence of the city’s much older past. Thanks to the city’s modern prosperity and temperate climate, nearly half of Jordan’s population is concentrated in the Amman area. Residential suburbs are made up primarily of tree-lined streets and avenues lined with elegant, almost uniformly white houses, in accordance with municipal law that requires all buildings to be clad in local stone.

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JEEP TOUR is a unique desert travel experience and if you want to make the most of your day, take a Jeep tour and let your guide take you to the majestic scenery of Wadi Rum. It’s also nice to hear the story first hand rather than reading it in books or online. Bedouin tour guides love to tell stories about their beloved land, so this is one of the things to look forward to on this jeep tour. If you’re touring on your back, bring a headdress with you, or better yet, wear their traditional headscarf called keffiyeh. It’s best to hit the sun during this tour, but it’s worth it as the whole experience is a moment to remember for a lifetime.

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CAMEL RIDING – Riding a camel alone is a rare experience for many of us, let alone riding it in this Martian desert! Imagine an epic ancient genre movie and a sci-fi movie in one grand place and you are in it! The Bedouin take really good care of their camels because they won’t follow their master when they’re mistreated. The ships of the desert, as they are often called, have been a significant part of Bedouin life in Wadi Rum since time immemorial. So if you are there, treat them with kindness and you will have a smooth journey.

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WADI RUM – Wadi Rum is a valley carved into the sandstone in southern Jordan. Over the years it has been inhabited by various groups who have left their mark in the form of rock art, graffiti and temples. THOSE. Here passed the glorious Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia, about which he wrote in his diaries. In fact, Lawrence of Arabia (among many other films) was filmed here, which started tourism to Jordan. It may be a while before we take a trip to Mars, so Wadi Rum is the next best choice for exploring the stunning barren landscape.

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DEAD SEA – Swimming in the salty sea, which does wonders for the skin? After lockdown, this seems like the perfect activity to ease your way back into “normal” society. The name Dead Sea comes from the fact that the sea is so salty that no marine life can survive in it. We have all seen photographs of people swimming in the Dead Sea and reading a newspaper and a book. Well, I want this photo, maybe I’m reading it too, to show how cultured I am.

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